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Learn about chef school and career paths.

Learn All About Chef School and Career Opportunities: Guide to Chef Careers

Learn about some of the chef jobs you may have as you work your way up to the executive chef job of your dreams. Find out what it’s like to start a career as you become a chef.

Choosing a School

What are the benefits of chef school? What kind of degree program should you choose? And is chef school even necessary? Read the answers to these key questions about chef school.

Starting Out

Is there a shortcut to becoming a chef? Or are the years of training and on-the-job experience really the only way to get the career you want? Find out if starting your own restaurant is a good answer to the question of how to become a chef.

What You’ll Learn in School

Want to know why chef schools are worth the tuition money? Find out what chef school will teach you, and why learning in the culinary classroom can be preferable to learning on-the-job. Read more about chef schools.

Requirements to Chef-hood

Find out what you need to succeed as a chef—from personality traits you’ll need as a chef to licensure. Get started on the path to a chef career. Learn more about the requirements to become a chef.

Should You Pursue a Personal Chef Career?

Read a job description for a personal chef, including insight from a professional personal chef. Learn about what you can expect in the industry if you focus your career on becoming a personal or private chef. Find out if you have what it takes to become a personal chef.


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