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Getting Started in Culinary School and Careers

If you're ready to turn your passion for the culinary arts into an occupation, you can find information about how to get started in culinary careers and entry-level culinary jobs in our resource centers below. Whether you're looking for culinary salaries, industry statistics or advice about choosing culinary schools and culinary arts programs, our articles and resources can help you find the answers to your questions.

Culinary Arts Information Centers

Baking and Pastry Arts Careers

A career in baking and pastry arts is one of the sweetest ways to make a living. Find out if a pastry chef career is for you.

Catering Careers

Are you interested in starting a catering career or contemplating starting your own catering business? Here is everything you'll need to get started.

Chef School Resources

Is chef school right for you? Learn more about how to get started in a chef career and what to look for in chef school programs.

Cooking School Resources

Whether you're interested in a short-term cooking class or you're ready to enroll in a full-time program, there's culinary training to fit your needs.


Inspiration for your culinary creations can come from many different places. Explore the various cuisines that may spark your interest.

Culinary Careers

Want to start a successful culinary career? Get information about choosing culinary schools, what to expect in your first culinary jobs and more.

Hospitality Careers

Hospitality careers can take you in many exciting directions—from five star hotels to trendy day spas. There are a variety of hospitality careers to explore.

Restaurant Management Careers

Are you passionate about food and working with people? If your goal is to own or manage a restaurant, a management education is essential.

Culinary Arts Institutes by Location

The U.S. has a wide variety of regional culinary traditions. Explore our Culinary Arts Institute: Geography Guide for more information about regional features and schools.

Profiles of Culinary Professionals

Read profiles of culinary professionals to find out more about what these careers are really like:

Culinary Career Success Stories: From Culinary School to a Dream Job: Read an interview with two French Culinary Institute graduates who found the path to their dream jobs through culinary school.

Bringing Home the Bacon

Who's got more "dough"—Emeril, Rachael Ray or Wolfgang Puck? Find out  who is the richest chef in America.

History of Cupcakes

Who knew cupcakes had such a past? Read about the Rise of the Cupcake on All Culinary Schools.

Cookies 101: A favorite holiday confection

Nothing spreads holiday cheer quite like a cookie. Read a history of the cookie and get baking!

Cupcakes and Baking School

With the cupcakes craze spawning boutique shops across the country, you'd have to create something pretty special to make your confections stand out from the crowd. That's what Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle did, and their challenge of baking up all kinds of unexpected taste treats has spurred a renewed interest in baking school.

Culinary Careers 101

Looking for information about culinary careers or education? From tips on choosing culinary schools and degrees to salary information and job descriptions, we can help you get started.

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Consider an Alternative Culinary Career

You don't always have to become a chef or restaurant manager. Here are four careers that will get you out of the kitchen.

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