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Global Cuisines to Inspire Your Chef Career

As you go through culinary school, you're sure to find ideas and techniques that inspire you as a chef. Exploring different cuisines and regional flavors can add a new dimension to your cooking—and ultimately, your career.

Learn more about these popular cuisines:

  • French Cooking: Known all over the world for its elegance, French cuisine and techniques are standard training topics in most culinary schools. However the high-end French cooking that influences all Western cooking is only one facet of traditional French cuisine.
  • Italian Cooking: The term "Italian Food" is really a catch-all phrase used to describe the sum of many unique regional cuisines. While the average American may find the phrase adequate whether referring to Roman, Tuscan or Venetian food, true connoisseurs understand the nuances between regional fares.
  • Japanese Cooking: The celebration of natural flavors and the absence of frills contribute to the healthy reputation of Japanese cuisine. Both wholesome and elegant, Japanese cooking is currently growing in popularity in the West.
  • Southwest Cooking: Known for its spicy heat and dietary staples such as corn and beans, Southwest cooking borrows from a number of culinary traditions, yet sets itself apart as a distinct genre of food. The American Southwest has been home to a diverse group of people for hundreds of years, resulting in a unique cuisine that fuses Mexican, Spanish, Native American and American foods.

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