Compare Culinary Careers

Culinary careers come in many different flavors.

Whether you’ve always known you wanted a culinary career, or you’re a serious foodie who has stumbled onto the culinary career path later in life, you should consider which part of the food industry appeals most to you. There are many ways to be involved in food service—whether you’re the head chef at a trendy bistro or a restaurant manager. Not sure which culinary career would be best for you? Compare culinary career options using the table below:  

Career Facts: Executive Chef Pastry Chef Baker Restaurant Manager
Are there training options that take 2 years or less? check check check  
Are there master’s degree options?       check
Job Duties: Executive Chef Pastry Chef Baker Restaurant Manager
Decorating/plating pastries and desserts   check    
Determining the menu and pricing check     check
Determining the restaurant theme check     check
Establishing/maintaining vendor relationships check     check
Food preparation check check check  
Keeping kitchen organized check check check  
Keeping the restaurant in compliance with health codes       check
Managing customer relations check     check
Managing employees check     check
Marketing check     check
Ordering supplies check check check check
Oversee kitchen staff check check    
Producing baked goods   check check  
Training employees check check   check
Skills/Traits Needed: Executive Chef Pastry Chef Baker Restaurant Manager
Creativity check check check  
Budgeting check     check
Precision   check check  
Stamina check check check check
Desire to continue learning check check check  
Thrives under pressure check     check
Teamwork check check check check
Organization check check check check

Start Your Culinary Career Education

Whether you’re most passionate about baking artisan breads or managing a busy restaurant business, there’s a culinary career path that will fit your interests and skill set. Once you’ve decided which culinary career path is right for you, the next step is to get the education you’ll need.

Research the culinary schools in our directory to find programs that interest you. Then, request information about specific programs, and get started meeting your culinary career goals, today.