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Cooking School Trivia

Test your culinary knowledge, and get ready for cooking school.

Do you consider yourself to be a serious foodie? We're guessing so, given you're exploring the possibility of cooking school. Take this quiz to test the depth of your culinary knowledge.

6. The first U.S. cook book, "American Cookery" was published in:

a) 1702
b) 1796
c) 1805
d) 1846

7. Who founded the famous French cooking school Le Cordon Bleu?

a) Martha Diestel
b) Jacques Pépin
c) Daniel Boulud
d) Auguste Escoffier

8. Television's highest paid celebrity "chef" is:

a) Rachel Ray
b) Alton Brown
c) Bobby Flay
d) Emeril Lagasse

9. How many chefs are currently at work in the U.S.?

a) 60,000
b) 95,000
c) 115,000
d) 210,000

10. Which chef owns Gramercy Tavern?

a) Tom Douglas
b) Thomas Keller
c) Tom Colicchio
d) Alice Waters

Cooking School Trivia Answers

1. B, Boston Cooking School
2. D, 18 million
3. A, Le Cordon Bleu
4. C, James Beard
5. D, Fannie Farmer
6. B, 1796
7. A, Martha Diestel
8. A, Rachel Ray
9. C, 115,000
10. C, Tom Colicchio


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