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All You Need to Know About Culinary Schools and Careers

If you're considering culinary school to get your chef career off on the right foot, this resource center will help you find the information you need to make the best decisions for your education. From interviews with culinary school students and professors, to industry statistics and salary information, you'll find articles that will give you insight into the culinary world.

The following articles are a good place to start gathering information about culinary school and the possibilities that await you in the culinary industry:

Career Spotlight: Chef Jobs

A chef job is much more than a profession, and food is much more than a biological necessity. In the right hands, it's an art form meant to be savored—good food is meant to be consumed and appreciated with all your senses. Continue reading a Chef Job Description.

Choosing a Culinary Arts Program

Formal training can provide you with a broader knowledge of proper techniques, high-end ingredients and the ins and outs of the business than on-the-job experience alone can teach you. Go into a culinary arts program with the determination to learn as much as you can, and you'll come away with a valuable education that can help you reach your career goals. Continue reading about Choosing a Culinary Arts Program.

Culinary Career Outlook

As an aspiring chef, it's important to know what the job market is like before you enter the career field. Take a look at this brief overview of what the culinary/restaurant industry is like. Find out where the jobs are, how much growth to expect, and more. Learn more about the Culinary Career Outlook.

How Cooking Schools Work

As you're considering whether to get your culinary degree, you probably have some questions about what culinary schools are like. We asked a culinary school professor to help us understand the ins and outs of culinary school. Read more about How Cooking Schools Work.


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