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Cupcakes and Baking School

Watch a video about cupcakes that's sure to get you hungry to attend a baking school.

"Utterly Delicious" Cupcakes Spark Interest in Baking School

If media magnate Martha Stewart deemed your cupcakes "utterly delicious," you'd most likely feel pretty proud of the product you'd created, right?

With the cupcakes craze spawning hundreds of boutique shops across the country that cater to seemingly never-sated consumer appetites, you'd have to create something pretty special to make your confections stand out from the crowd—and earn high praise from Martha herself.

That's just what Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle did, and their success—as well as the challenge of baking up all kinds of unusual and unexpected taste treats—has spurred a renewed interest in baking arts.

What Does Baking School Bring to the Table?

You may hear that simply getting into a professional baking environment by apprenticing or volunteering can give you all the practical experience you'll need to command a successful baking business. But there's a lot that an accredited school brings to the table that sifting flour or kneading dough; sweeping the floor or washing baking pans, can't teach.

Working as a baker requires long hours and a limited social life—you can largely expect your co-workers to become your family, since you'll be spending late nights or the wee hours of the morning in their company. You'll need stamina, training—and passion—to pursue a career baking cupcakes, bread, cakes—or any type of pastries and pâtissiêres.

That's where a baking or pastry arts education can help. You'll learn the basics and get a real feel for life in a busy kitchen, as well as acquiring the more practical skills you'll need to own and run a business. School is a great place to network and the friends you make just may wind up becoming a business partner for your new kind of baking enterprise. Even Trophy Cupcakes started small but by successfully balancing business acumen (such as accurately gauging supply and demand) with a product that boasts both quality and innovation, they've managed to become a pretty big muffin in a competitive, booming market.

So, if you're ready to begin your quest to create the next "big thing" in the baking world, start by researching top accredited schools in your area and learn what degree or certification you'll need to earn to help your baking career flour(ish).


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