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Top Five Things You'll Learn in Pastry School

Find out what pastry school will teach you.

Pastry chef training will give you a culinary degree with an artistic edge. More than traditional culinary programs, pastry chef school emphasizes on the importance of design as well as taste. However, pastry school will prepare you for much more than simply creating delicious works of pastry art.

A pastry chef will need a variety of tools in their arsenal—including business acumen and interpersonal skills. Here are some of the top lessons you'll learn in your pastry school program:

What Pastry School Will Teach You

5. Teamwork – While many pastry chefs work independently, in pastry school you'll gain experience working as part of a team. In large hotels or restaurants, pastry chefs work as members of a team called classic brigade de cuisine.

4. Quantity Control – A pastry chef chooses what desserts to prepare, purchases the right amount of ingredients, and calculates how long it will take to make the food. Pastry school will teach you the intricacies of menu planning, cost control and food-buying to ensure that you're prepared to serve an irresistible dessert—for one person or one hundred people.

3. Nutrition – While most people don't associate healthy eating with dessert, pastry school will teach you how to embrace the new trends toward healthier eating, including food that is smaller in size, gluten-free or made with local ingredients. Understanding new trends and knowing how to prepare desserts that maintain their flavor while balancing that with a healthy appeal is an important part of any culinary education.

2. Attention to Detail – Pastry chefs create works of pastry art. Pastry school offers several courses that teach the importance of artistic plating, creativity and innovation. These classes teach aspiring pastry chefs how to create visually appealing desserts that allow customers to feast with their eyes before savoring the first bite.

1. Taste-Testing – Pastry chefs must remember that although visual appeal is important, the food they create must also taste irresistible. A large part of pastry school is developing your own palate, which will help you make food that is delicious and unique.

About Pastry School

Pastry school offers a variety of fascinating classes that will give you the training to do well in your new career as a pastry chef. And as in any profession, education increases opportunities for career advancement.

Pastry chefs can start applying for entry level positions with their pasty school certificate, which typically takes a year or less. For aspiring pastry chefs interested in running their own restaurant or catering company, a bachelor's degree is ideal and can be completed in four years.


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