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Get Career Help from Your Pastry Chef School

Learn about the kinds of job search assistance your pastry chef school may offer.

What Pastry Chef School Can Do for You

If you're interested in a career as a pastry chef, attending pastry chef school is the perfect place to start. In any industry, practical work experience is important when trying to get a job—and the food services industry is no exception. Pastry chef school will give you both the education and the hands-on experience necessary to start your new dream job.

The career services department at your pastry chef school will help you start the process of searching for your career while you are finishing your education, and can assist you in transitioning from education-mode into your professional career.

Career Services Options

  • Career Counselors – Career counselors are available to help you choose the right classes, build your résumé, and track job listings that match your professional ambitions.
  • Externship Completion – Most pastry chef schools require students to complete an externship as part of the curriculum. Externships are a great way to gain professional experience and make connections in the culinary industry. The career services department will help you find an externship that works with your schedule and matches your interests.
  • Career Fairs – Pastry chef schools will typically host at least one career fair a year, and some schools will host as many as one per quarter. Career fairs are an excellent opportunity for you to give out your résumé and hear about possibilities for future employment.
  • Job Searching Skills – Trying to find the right job is a lot easier when you know where to look. The career services department at your pastry chef school will hold workshops that teach you not only where to look to find your perfect job, but how to create an enticing résumé and ace your first interview.
  • Access to Job Listings – Restaurants or companies looking to hire pastry chefs will often contact local pastry chef schools with exclusive job opportunities. Chances are if a restaurant is contacting a school directly with open positions that those jobs are not available to the general public, which means there is less competition. Your pastry chef school career counselor will help you find the right job and get you in contact with potential employers.


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