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Trends You'll Learn About in Baking School

Learn what's hot and fresh at baking schools.

"Tempting," "delicious," and "tasty" are all words used to describe desserts that people want to eat. However, if there are several equally delicious options to choose from, which food gets picked first? Sometimes it's the food that's following a hot new trend in the industry.

Baking school provides a great opportunity for students who love to bake to expand their knowledge and turn a passion into a professional career. In addition to learning essential skills, baking school is also a place where you'll learn about new trends and how to incorporate these trends into your baking.

Here are five trends you will learn about in baking school that you can really sink your teeth into:

  • Comfort Food: People in need of a mood-lifter are finding a tasty escape by indulging in their favorite comfort foods. As a result, many baking and pastry chef schools are teaching their students how to reinvent classics you might have enjoyed growing up, such as apple pie and cupcakes.
  • Think Local: For many conscientious consumers, the term "organic" is out, and "local" is in. People who care about supporting their local economies and wish to reduce the resources needed to transport their food are increasing the demand for locally grown ingredients in locally produced food. Conscious of this developing trend, baking schools are emphasizing the importance of using locally grown ingredients in their classes.
  • Keeping it Simple: Instead of overwhelming food with a large number of ingredients, baking schools are urging students to focus on using a few essential, quality ingredients. This trend parallels the growing trend for comfort food as well as the desire for food that is produced locally.
  • "Free" Food: The demand for gluten-free, dairy-free and fat-free foods is continuing to rise. For some with serious health concerns, living a dairy-free or gluten-free lifestyle is not a choice. For other consumers, incorporating these "free" foods into their diet is an easy way to live a healthier lifestyle. To meet this constantly growing demand, baking schools are teaching students to get creative and create foods that are not only "free" but still taste delicious.
  • Mini Desserts: The popularity of mini versions of baked goods has baking schools teaching students how to downsize their desserts. However, this trend is based on more than just portion-size and economy. According to the Food Channel, it's about individuality and "food that reflects personality." Baking school will teach you how to infuse a unique flavor into your food and make that food your own.

If these sound like trends you'd like to explore, why not start researching baking and pastry schools today? You can help foster lasting traditions that help people eat more wisely and creatively.
Source: Modern Baking


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