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Spa and Resort Management Jobs

Find information about spa and resort management careers and how you may qualify for a position.

Located in cities across the world, resorts and leisure spas offer secluded environments where customers come to relax and rejuvenate themselves through a variety of services. From making time for a massage or other spa therapy treatment to dining in a gourmet restaurant, customers engage in the luxuries that surround them.

At these establishments, spa and resort managers spend their days ensuring superior levels of comfort and service to customers. This involves tasks like training and supervising staff members, performing administrative duties and finding new ways to attract travelers to the amenities their getaway provides.

Career Paths

Hospitality management graduates can start their spa or resort management career in a variety of leadership positions, depending on their specialty area and experience level:

  • Some start as team leaders
  • Assistant managers
  • Managers who work at the front desk, in a fitness or recreation center, or in a restaurant

The business skills, management capabilities and personality that individuals must demonstrate to obtain entry-level positions also make a difference to their achieving higher level positions in spa or resort management, such as director of a facility or a specific area within it.

Qualifying for Jobs in Spa and Resort Management

  • A hospitality management degree that includes training in finance, marketing, employee supervision, restaurant or hotel management, or another specialty area helps qualify graduates for a variety of spa and resort jobs. Gaining experience in the field through an internship or other opportunity also boosts an individual's qualifications.
  • Additionally, graduates with a bachelor's or master's degree in hospitality management or a related specialty may qualify to work as instructors in the training programs that different resorts and spas provide to their employees.
  • Depending on their location, some spas and resorts may have unique requirements of their management staff, such as working knowledge of a foreign language or familiarity with particular sports or hobbies.

Perks of the Job

Working in spa or resort management has its privileges. Different establishments may offer free or discounted services and recreational activities for employees and their families, and even discounts on food and retail purchases. Some spa and resort job packages include room and board, health insurance, dental and vision benefits, and paid vacation and sick days.

Plus, the resort or spa location—on a snow capped mountain, in the South Pacific or wherever else the job exists—could serve as the most luxurious perk of all.

Challenges of Working in Spa and Resort Management

Spa and resort management typically involves long hours that include nights, weekends and holidays. Serving and satisfying customers looking for the perfect getaway experience can become exhausting, and as in most management positions, the pressure to meet financial and strategic goals can lead to high levels of stress.

With a large number of employees working on a seasonal basis, managers at spas and resorts must also deal with hiring and training new staff regularly, which can consume a significant amount of time.


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